Tips for Team Captains


Invite family, friends, neighbors, members of your clubs, organizations or groups to join you in a fun activity that benefits a cause you support. As a group activity, come up with your team name!


Even if you haven’t fully filled your team roster, sign your team up for the bowl-a-thon event, either online through the website or by contacting the bowl-a-thon organizer. The number of teams is limited, so ensure that your team gets a lane by signing up early!


Share information with your team, both about the cause you are supporting and the bowl-a-thon event. FORWARD YOUR PLEDGE SHEET to your team members so they will have the information they need to start collecting their own pledges!


Keep your team up-to-date about your bowl-a-thon event. Hold a few team-building meetings before the bowl-a-thon, keep in touch by email and/or phone calls, perhaps even hold a team practice bowl. Use these times to relay any changes in the event, keep abreast of team activity, plan and/or strategize your team’s path to the top of the leaderboard!


As a team-building activity, set up team and individual fundraising goals, even if the bowl-a-thon event already has one; come up with a team prize structure in addition to that of the event (award certificates, even homemade funny ones, are always great.) Encourage team members to meet or even exceed individual and team goals, and let every member know how well the team is doing in meeting its goal.

FUNDRAISING IDEAS FOR TEAMS > Give People a Reason to Give!
  • Match your donation: If your donation is $50, ask 5 family members, friends and/or co-workers to donate $10 each … you’ve just doubled your donation!
  • Refer people, businesses, organizations to the bowl-a-thon website
  • Ask a representative of your club or organization to speak about the bowl-a-thon event at a meeting
  • Use your online team page to solicit donations and invite friendly competitions with other bowl-a-thon teams
  • Post your pledge sheet in a visible location at work or in your office