Privacy Policy

We at care not only about making your charitable event successful, but also about the privacy of any information you submit. We do not rent, sell, nor distribute any information collected via this website to any third parties. Please note, however, that all information collected is owned by the fundraising organization in whose event you are participating. is, in itself, not a business entity, charitable organization, or any other form of commercial or non-profit enterprise; rather, the purpose of this site is to assist in the organization and management of charitable fundraising bowling events. MYHRECO Inc, the owner and developer of does not have nor retain any interest in any information that you provide via this website although it does act as a data repository on behalf of the fundraising organization. All information collected and stored via is accessible on demand by the fundraising organization while the event is active. Please refer to the fundraising organization’s website or contact them regarding their privacy policy and their use of the information gathered.

Should you have any further questions or concerns, please CONTACT US. Please be aware that our privacy policy may be subject to updates unforeseen at the time it was drafted; therefore, should you participate in subsequent fundraisers that use, be certain to return to this page to determine whether there have been any changes in our privacy policy.

Sponsorship information gathered by is used for the purpose of providing the fundraising organization with information necessary to identify sponsors and their donations, and to display sponsor-designated information or messages on the event’s webpages. This information is owned solely by the fundraising organization, which has access to it at any time. Please refer to that organization’s website or contact the organization to learn about their privacy policies.