To bring the different elements of a complex activity or organization into a relationship that will ensure efficiency or harmony.

An event held to generate financial support for a charity or other enterprise.

An online tool to coordinate a bowling fundraiser.

How it Works

The purpose of is to provide fundraisers with online tools to streamline the coordination and management of Bowl-a-thons. We will communicate with you by email and phone during the setup and execution of your custom micro-site to ensure a timely launch and successful delivery of your event.

  1. After you have secured a bowling alley for your event,  REGISTER your fundraiser online at
  2. Once your registration is approved, you will receive an invoice for the $300 event registration fee by email.  Payment options are check or credit card.
  3. Upon receipt of payment, we will contact you to gather content including photos, logos, etc. needed for your custom micro-site setup.
  4. Your micro-site includes:
    • EVENT DETAILS such as the date, bowling alley location, rules, prizes etc.
    • ABOUT your organization or fundraising cause.
    • CONTACT form that gets delivered to your event organizer’s email.
    • EVENT STATUS displaying countdown to event, team/bowler listing and the fundraising goal, as well as the current donations amount.
    • SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES defining levels and benefits.
    • DONOR & SPONSOR LIST displaying all donor and sponsor details together.
    • ACCEPT DONATION & SPONSORSHIP PAYMENTS by credit card or give an option for mail-in checks. does not handle any transactions for your event so a Paypal account will be required.
    • TEAM REGISTRATION allowing the team captain to setup bowlers and/or notify them of event details etc.
    • BOWLER REGISTRATION to join an existing team or request assignment to a team.
    • ACCEPT REGISTRATION FEE PAYMENTS by credit card or give an option for mail-in checks.
    • CHECK-IN LIST and LANE ASSIGNMENT printable reports for the day of event.
    • Requested customization beyond the standard setup may incur additional fees.
  5. When your micro-site is complete, we will email you instructions for using your event dashboard. limits its participation specifically to the design, preparation, accessibility, and performance of your event’s webpages. We do not advise on webpage content, promotion, solicitation or any other matter related to your organization’s charitable event. Please ensure that your fundraising organization is in full compliance with all local, county, and state regulatory requirements. Should you need legal, financial or other assistance, please retain the services of qualified and experienced counsel.

Have questions?

Check our FAQs and please do not hesitate to CONTACT US if you have further questions.